Grappa Groppello-LasteRosse-2020
Grappa Groppello-LasteRosse-2020

Grappa di Groppello

The distillation of grappa is an ancient tradition of Trentino.

Grappa di Groppello is extremely rare, white, transparent and clear. Gentlybring with it the aromas of the vine.

It is consumed in purity at the end of a meal, during a pleasant reflection or to crown a special moment. It is used as an ingredient in cocktails and it’s special the pairing with chocolate.

100% fermented pomace from the vinification of Groppello red grapes, a rare autochthonous Trentino variety.

Bain-marie distillation method in discontinuous alembic

Transparent and bright color.
Intense and decisive bouquet/scent.
Full, balanced taste.

50 cl

grappa di groppello lasterosse

Alcholic grade

42% vol.

Serving temperature

12° - 14° C

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