Groppello o Groppello di Revò

A rare native variety of Trentino not to be confused with the most famous Groppello varieties from the west side of Garda lake.

A rustic vine cultivated on steep mountain slopes, in Val di Non in the village of Romallo at 700 meters above sea level.

The vineyards are cultivated manually, the vegetative period is shorter, the yield is low and the harvest time is around the third decade of October and the early November

The territory is clayish with red rock, the climate is alpine and windy, the sunny position has a south-exposure.

The wine-making is traditional; stainless steel tanks are used along with a short aging in wooden barrels.

A ruby red wine is produced with a scent of undergrowth and good soil, in the mouth it has a strong taste with a pleasant acidity and with evident pepper notes.

It is the wine of Val di Non and is a perfect match with traditional dishes: potato pies accompanied by cold cuts and cheeses, barley soup but also second courses of meat and game.

IGT “Vigneti delle Dolomiti”

Groppello or synonymous Groppello di Revò

Autochthonous/Native Trentino variety

Romallo (TN) - Val di Non
Clayish soils with presence of rock
Sunny position. High slopes.
Yield 60

Guyot a 650-730 m s.l.m.

Manual and late harvest (last ten days of October)

Traditional fermentation in stainless steel tanks with frequent pumping over.
Short aging in wooden barrels.

bottiglia-GROPPELLO-cantina lasterosse

Tasting notes

Intense ruby red color
Scent of undergrowth, good soil and wild herbs.
Strong taste with a pleasant acidity and pepper notes.

Alcoholic grade

12,5% vol.

Serving temperature

18° C

Taste combinations

Tortei de patate with cold cuts and cheese platter (typical dish of Val di Non).
Barley soup and vegetable soups.
Second courses of meat and game.

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